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Tension and Migraine Headache care at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Beaverton, OR

Pain Relief with Your Chiropractor in Beaverton

Complications with your health impact multiple areas of your body. In some cases, you may notice an increase in headaches or migraines. Depending on the underlying cause of the headaches, appropriate treatment strategies may vary. The key to addressing your concerns starts with identifying the reasons you develop a headache. Dr. Kathy Cantwell can help you figure out the cause and recommend the appropriate treatment.

woman with headache before seeing chiropractor in Beaverton

Differences between Headaches and Migraines

When you develop headaches or migraines, an appropriate treatment varies significantly. While both headaches and migraines may cause discomfort, pain and pressure on one area of your head or your entire head, the differences impact your treatment solutions.

Generally, migraines come with more symptoms and complications than headaches. You may notice nausea, flashing lights and spots, vomiting, sensitivity to light or a short-term loss of vision as well as the discomfort from pain. In most cases, a headache is primarily related to the pain and does not usually come with additional symptoms.

Causes of Headaches

The reasons you develop headaches may vary significantly in different situations. Tension headaches are the most common type of discomfort because tension in your neck and shoulders causes undue pressure on your spinal cord and interferes with your musculoskeletal system. You may also develop headaches from hormone imbalances, injuries to your neck or injuries to your head. Depending on the underlying cause of the pain, the appropriate treatment solution will vary.

Headache Relief and Treatment

Headache relief at the Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center depends on the cause of your pain. Dr. Kathy Cantwell uses diagnostic tools to determine the underlying reasons for your pain. After determining the cause of your pain, she develops a personalized treatment plan for headache relief.

Dr. Kathy and our team will focus on addressing the stress, hormonal changes in your body or injuries that contribute to the discomfort. We take a natural and holistic approach to treatment by using chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and acupuncture to address physical factors. We may also recommend dietary changes for better nutrition in certain situations.

At Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we focus on addressing the cause of your headaches. We address tension headaches by alleviating the underlying tension in your muscles and adjusting your spine and neck. We may also recommend counseling when we notice complications in your emotional well-being that may contribute to your tension or hormone imbalances.

Contact Dr. Kathy, Your Chiropractor in Beaverton

Your chiropractor in Beaverton provides the tools you need to address the underlying reasons for your discomfort and pain. Dr. Kathy and the rest of the team use holistic strategies to address the discomfort without using invasive and uncomfortable solutions for the situation. Our team focuses on your needs after Dr. Kathy determines an appropriate treatment strategy based on the cause of your pain. As a general rule, you want to seek treatment when you notice the headaches or when the headaches persist on a regular basis.

Treating headaches with natural solutions allows you to move forward with your life and goals. To learn more about our treatment strategies or for an appointment with a chiropractor, call 503-747-3388 today.

Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Beaverton, OR

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