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Posted on 05-23-2018

What Are Corrective Exercises?

Many chiropractors' sites mention that one of the types of therapy offered is "corrective exercises." Just what are these exercises and what makes them beneficial for pain relief?

Woman getting chiropractic care and Corrective Exercises.

Corrective Exercises: A General Overview

Many conditions that cause pain or other negative effects are accompanied by problems with the muscles. Exercise, when done properly, can, therefore, be very therapeutic since it directly affects these tissues. Here are some of the conditions that corrective exercises help, and what kind of exercises may be used:

  • The Weakness of Specific Muscle Groups - Groups of muscles become weak for a variety of reasons, ranging from lack of use to injury (including surgery). Stretching and therapeutic strength training are typically combined to correct this problem.
  • Painful Imbalances in Muscle Strength - It can come as a shock, but sitting at a desk all day can cause some muscles to become too strong even as others lose their tone. Often, the muscles used to hold your head and neck in position are overused, while your legs are ignored and grow weak. In this case, corrective exercises are done to balance out these disparate strength levels.

What Are Common Corrective Exercises?

Stretches are some of the most common of these exercises. They relieve strain from muscles that have been shortened from lack of motion, release tension in hypertrophic (muscle-bound) areas, and allow for a pain-free improvement in range of motion.

Cardiovascular exercises are also often recommended by a chiropractor. These tend to loosen up the entire body while increasing blood flow for faster healing. Unlike cardio is donee for general health, the corrective version targets the muscles that will help reduce pain and prevent further injury.

Contact Our Local Chiropractor to Get Started Today

It is important to have a doctor's care when starting a corrective exercise regimen. This ensures that the right muscles are stretched or strengthened so that you gain the benefits you seek. It also greatly reduces the risk of further injury.

To get started, just make an appointment with us here at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center. We serve Beaverton, Tigard, and the surrounding areas. Along with corrective exercises, we also offer chiropractic care, myofascial therapy, and massage therapy.

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