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Posted on 01-17-2018

Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident with Your Tigard Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

A car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through. Besides the emotional trauma, a range of physical injuries can result. Many of the injuries from a car crash affect the back, neck and spine. This can lead to ongoing pain as well as radiating effects to the extremities.

Chiropractic care from your Tigard chiropractic clinic can be highly effective for treating injuries that result from a collision. This is due to the fact that many of them directly affect the spine, and these negative effects and subluxations can then radiate to the back, shoulders, neck and even to the limbs of the body.

Some of the most common car collision injuries include:

Herniated Disc

Trauma to the back and spine during a car collision can affect the spongy cushions between the vertebrae known as the spinal discs. When a disc becomes ruptured due to the trauma of the car crash, the soft tissue from the interior leaks out.

This tissue can then press against the nerves of the spinal cord, causing pain and discomfort. Numbness and tingling are another possible result of this contact with the nerves of the spinal cord. Chiropractic adjustment can help to bring pain relief and more rapid healing of bulging or herniated discs.


Whiplash is the most common auto accident injury that your Beaverton chiropractor sees. While seat belts do save lives, the effect of being thrown forward and then backward against the seat belt can be highly traumatic to the back and spine. This action can cause spinal subluxation, misalignment and/or issues with the spinal discs. Chiropractic care can be essential in addressing these issues to pave the way for pain relief and more efficient healing of whiplash at its root.

Headaches and Migraines

Another common issue following a car accident is chronic migraines and headaches. This can occur as the result of a head injury, but it can also have spinal subluxation as its root cause. Misalignments in the spine and in the upper back and neck areas can block nerve functioning and result in chronic headaches and migraines. Chiropractic care following a car collision can help to correct these subluxations and bring fast pain relief and ongoing relief to migraines and headaches caused by the impact of a car crash.

Tigard and Beaverton Chiropractor Brings Car Accident Pain Relief and Healing with Chiropractic Care

Injuries from a car accident can be evident right away after the crash, but in some cases, it will take awhile for them to manifest. Whether you are experiencing symptoms or not, it is important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible following a car accident. Your Tigard and Beaverton chiropractor can assist you in diagnosing any and all auto accident injuries and prescribing an appropriate course of treatment.

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If you have been injured in a car crash, contact Tigard chiropractic clinic and Beaverton chiropractor Unity Chiropractic & Wellness Center. We take a non-invasive, whole-person approach to chiropractic care and can get you on the road to healing efficiently.

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